Our bed & breakfast

Moulin de Floumont has 4 guestrooms. Every room has a seperate bathroom with a bath and/or shower, a toilet and a sink.


Advantages of the bed and breakfast

There is a big garden along the small river with many places to sit. There also is a recreation space with a fire and a small library only accessible to guests. The old mill is also still available to visit.

There is also a closed garage to put motorcycles and even horses can spend the night. (max. 4 horses)



The price is €35/night/person. The breakfast is included in this price. For a one night's stay: +€3 extra per person.

Dinner is available after reservation. We propose menus at 19, 24 or 29 euros.



Moulin de Floumont

Floumont 116

B- 6983 Ortho - La Roche


Tel. +32(0)84 31 58 94

GSM +32(0)474 92 52 70



Moulin de Floumont